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Suzimotive has evolved from our beginnings as a general automotive mechanics, through to becoming a member of the Suzisport group, then moving on the be an independent Suzuki specialist with strong links to other leaders in Suzuki parts and service.

Back in 1997 we were invited to become a member of the Suzisport group to share in the experience and buying power of a group of spare parts stores and workshops around Australia that wanted to specialise in Suzuki.

We grew in knowledge and experience along with a core group of similar businesses around the country, striving to become a comprehensive Suzuki specialist, providing parts and service to local, remote and interstate customers with the back up of experts from around the country.

For the next eight years we continued to operate as Suzisport Cairns, then, due to changing circumstances, the group disbanded and now operates mostly in the Brisbane area. We continued to follow a new direction allowing more freedom to provide a better service to our growing customer base.

Keeping close ties with the former members of the group around Australia, we have grown into the business we are today. Ready to help you with all your Suzuki needs.

The Future

What we will do is:

  1. Keep the older cars on the road by ensuring availability of spare parts.
  2. Make it cheaper to service and maintain the new cars by finding reliable suppliers of aftermarket parts.



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